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Design your own iron-on applications and stickers with Iron-on Logos and the like

Whether you are looking for a special text for a t-shirt or to personalize a gift. At Iron-on Logos etc. you will find various products that you can completely design in our design module. This way you always have a personal gift for your employee or a very nice do it yourself (DIY).

Design iron-on applications yourself

What could be more fun than personalizing a t-shirt, sweater or other piece of clothing for your company with a text of your choice. Think of a statement or perhaps something else that characterizes your company. Then you have the option to design your own ironing application in our design module. You can choose from different fonts and different colors, so that you have a personal and unique product afterwards. With our iron-on applications you can easily print the garment for your company, all you need is an iron.

There is also the option to have your logo printed as an iron-on application. We make a textile transfer of your logo, after which we turn it into an iron-on sticker that you can print on textile yourself. This allows you to easily and quickly create a very personal gift for your employee, for example, or you can have a unique t-shirt for yourself. With us you have the option to purchase your logo in small quantities and print it on a t-shirt yourself. Our textile transfers remain in place even after frequent washing, so you can enjoy them for a long time to come.

Design your own Logo Stickers

In addition to our iron-on applications for textiles, we also have various stickers in our range. Our vinyl stickers are ideal for use as a wall sticker, for example, but also for sticking on a door or window. The possibilities with our stickers are endless. In our design module you have the option to design the logo stickers completely according to your own wishes, because you have a wide choice of fonts and colors. Have you found what you are looking for? We will then make the stickers completely according to your wishes.

In addition to our vinyl stickers, we also have the option to design your own closing stickers. Closing stickers are fun to stick on a package when placing an order, for example, but they are also fun to put on your products. Do you want a sticker with your own text? You can also design this in our design module. Are you looking for something unique? Then you even have the option to have your own logo printed on our stickers.

Your own designed iron-on application or sticker will be shipped within 10 working days.