Paste instructions

Adhesive instructions vinyl sticker

Our stickers are suitable for everything with a smooth surface. Pimp furniture, walls, toy boxes, cups, lunch boxes, vases, folders etc. The sticker has a self-adhesive transparent transfer layer to easily transfer it to the product.

1. Make sure the surface is dust-free.

2. Using a card, rub the sticker smooth to ensure it adheres properly to the self-adhesive clear transfer paper.

3. Carefully peel off the self-adhesive clear transfer paper, starting at a corner.

4. Now the sticker is attached to the self-adhesive clear transfer paper.

5. Then stick the sticker on the desired product. Then rub the sticker flat on the product with a debit card.
6. Then remove the clear self-adhesive transfer paper from the product.

7. Are some pieces not sticking together properly? Then press it carefully with your fingers or the debit card.